Twitter: Project ReTweet

Why is it that Twitter insists on changing things that work perfectly fine? The whole, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality is lost on them.

Now, Twitter is an awesome service and an awesome resource, but Project ReTweet seems like a bad idea when all is said and done.

Dan Zarella has a good writeup on the project at his blog. And Mashable has two writeups to help you understand the project better as well, details and analysis.

I agree with both of these writeups in that it doesn’t seem like this is a problem that needs fixing. It would be great to be able to see ReTweets directly in your Twitter feed for quick overview purposes and it would be great to have them formalized, so to speak. But if that shatters the way that information is exchanged, someone should step back and take a closer look at how to implement Project ReTweet.

My suggestion: Essentially the same as Dan’s. Add the APIs, formalize ReTweets, but don’t change their behavior. Twitter is and always will be about democratically disseminating information. That importance of that information is given weight based upon who ReTweets it. I would much rather read a link from one of my friends than from someone I have never seen on my feed before, which is what this formalization intends to do.

What do you think about Project ReTweet? Is it a good idea to formalize ReTweets? Would you more or less likely to read something new from someone you never heard of as opposed to your friend?